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Podgorica is the official commercial and cultural centre of Montenegro. The name originates in 1326 and it is built amongst five rivers, the Zeta, Moraca, Ribnica, Cijevna and Sitnica. Most of the city was destroyed during WW II, so Podgorica is relatively new, with modern buildings at every step of the way and green spaces as well as parks.

Curious And Fun Facts About Montenegro

  • Montenegro is located between the Adriatic Sea and the country of Serbia, in the southeastern part of Europe.
  • In terms of geographical area occupied, the country of Montenegro is only slightly smaller than the American state of Connecticut.
  • Montenegro experiences a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and autumns. Winters are comparatively cold with the country’s inlands experiencing heavy snowfall.
  • Strangely, the official language of the Montenegro is Montenegrin, while its demonym shares the name of its official language. In other words, the people of the country and its language go by the same namesake!
  • Did you know that name Montenegro in Montenegrin literally translates to ‘Black Mountain’? The name was probably given to the country because of thick black forests that graced its lands during the medieval times.

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