How to Get Ready in 10 Minutes? – Beauty Tips

We all love to look our best. Whether it is a regular office day, college, some get-together, or party. Looking decent, sharp, and fresh is always something that we want. But it is not always possible. Most often, it takes time to even choose what to wear. In such circumstances, it is quite impossible to get ready well on time. But it is evident that no one likes being late either.

Although this is also well known that such things don’t always happen. But they do happen mostly and can happen with anyone. You might reach home late, be stuck in traffic, and then hurry to get ready for a party. Let’s face it, no one can ever want to compromise on either of these: time or their looks. Both are of similar importance and indeed should be. This is why you must know the method of getting ready in less time. You may have to adjust in such situations, but if it helps in reaching there on time while looking good, you should not mind.

Getting ready in less time requires several hacks and tricks as well. Remember, there is always a smart answer for every problem. Following are a few tips and suggestions that might help you get ready in as little as 10 minutes.



Getting Ready in 10 Minutes: Tips

  1. Keep calm and try to multitask. When it comes to getting ready in no time, you should remember that it is not a time to waste by freaking out. Stay calm and multitask. For example: pack the things that you want to take after washing and drying your face in the meantime. You can save a lot of time.
  2. Prioritize what is important. The truth is you won’t be able to do everything on time. So choose what is important. For instance, get your hair done, choose fresh clothes that don’t smell, wash your face and eyes. If you are still left with time, you can do other things.
  3. Headbands and caps should be your best friend. If you have no time, then it could be a good option to not spend your time setting your hair. Simply wear a headband, cap, or hat as a fashion symbol. It would also help in covering your unsettled hair.
  4. Layer if you cannot iron. If at all you have not got the time to iron your clothes, you can choose to layer them. Wear a jacket, sweater, hoodie, or blazer. This way, you would not have to worry about anyone noticing your inner clothes.
  5. Do not forget the moisturizer. Moisturising your skin should be your priority. Especially if you have dry skin. You might still be okay with not wearing your best outfit, but not with dry skin. It looks unhygienic and unhealthy.
  6. Keep multipurpose things. If you choose makeup or lotions, always make sure that you keep some in stock that is multipurpose. Some several foundations or sunscreens do more things. Keeping such things already with you will help in such times.
  7. A little messy is okay. Remember, a little messy and tough-looking is quite okay. Chances are if you look confident, you can rock your messy look.

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