AI And Beauty: Chanel’s New Lipscanner App

Finding the right lip color is like the search for prince charming. All the frogs that you have to kiss to find your perfect shade wind up costing you money. Plus, they go to waste sitting in your drawer of unused and neglected cosmetics. Instead of letting lipsticks go to waste, wouldn’t it be great to know how it would look before you buy it? We don’t mean on the models (always fabulous) but you. Well, now, it’s possible and more advanced than ever, thanks to Chanel’s newest app Lipscanner. Lipscanner is an all-in-one tool that helps users match colors on the spot and try on virtual shades.

Color Match

Ever see a color and think: “that would be fab in a lip color?” Well, Chanel must have heard your prayers, creating a way to find a perfect (or closest) match to any shade with the push of a button. Creators have uploaded every single Chanel shade ever made (over 400) and built recognition technology that compares and matches shades. So, all you have to do is snap a picture of the color and wham!

The creation of the color match tool took months of working with and adjusting an algorithm, helping it gather and process information correctly. After much testing and several rounds of trials, the machine learning analytical algorithm can scan tens of thousands of images in seconds and produce a match almost instantly. While this is already very cool, developers don’t plan to stop there, already working toward the next big thing in makeup.


Virtual Try-On

Once you find a lip color that catches your eye, you’re likely to think about what it would look like on you. Shades look fabulous when we see them but, trying them on, appear a different tinge. Now, with help from the virtual try-on, you can not only match shades but take them out for a spin before you buy. The luxury powerhouse knows that women are hesitant to purchase lipstick without knowing how they will look. So, they aimed to tackle the issue with the development of Lipscanner. The app is already out in 20 countries, including  France, United States, and Japan.  It will make its way to others as we progress into the year.

The Future of Beauty and Ai

Chanel is not the only makeup mogul working toward fusing technology and makeup. Others are sure to follow suit, rushing to launch the next virtual experience. 2020 proved that every once in a while, things can come to a halt and change. The beauty industry knows that women turn toward makeup to play up their look and have fun with their facial features. It’s something that isn’t going to disappear and doesn’t have to even if we can’t go in-store. Instead, we can have the same experience in the comfort of our homes, trying on shades to find our perfect match. At least, that’s all for now. Who knows what the future will hold?

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