Mullet Madness: The Oddest Hair Craze of the 2020s

Making its way back into the scene is the mullet. We are just as shocked as you but, after watching A-listers glam it up, we have a different take on the old-school business and party-perfect do. Causing the latest buzz with the trend is Doja Cat, making an appearance at this year’s Grammy Awards rocking a mullet and smokey-eye combo.


Where Did the Mullet Come From?

The mullet dates back to the 70s, worn by top artists like Paul McCartney and David Bowie. It made a comeback in the 80s thanks to heartthrob Billy Ray Cyrus and sort of faded for a bit. It wasn’t until the early 2020s that the trend started making its comeback, seen framing the most famous faces like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. While it’s never been a fashion staple, it’s favored these days for its laid-back get-up-and-go feel. When paired with choppy bangs and a stylish get-up, it’s got the power to turn heads.


How you Can Rock a Mullet

We never thought we’d be here giving pointers on rocking a mullet but, after a year like 2020, nothing surprises us. While we don’t recommend the straight-up mullet, we think a mullet-inspired cut has the perfect shape and movement for summer 2021. If you’re wondering how you can make a mullet work, check out these styles for size.

  1. Long and Layered

Gals from all around love the look of long hair. However, it’s always gotten a good-girl reputation because of its association with less risk. If you’re one that loves long locks but wants to spice them up a bit, ask your stylist to leave the length and cut the front and sides short. A layered-up look with wispy bangs can work wonders for any face shape, giving a subtle kick to your long hair.

  1. Short and Choppy

Inspired by Doja Cat, a short and choppy mullet works well with styles from the streets to high fashion. For this look, the mullet is much more subtle, looking like that barely-there sort of style that just so happens to be a mullet. This cut is chic for the summer, showing off the shoulders, framing the face, and adding an extra oomph to any style.

  1. The All-Out Mullet

If you’ve got the guts and ready for a bold and daring change, why not go ahead and go for the full-on mullet. Celebrities and fashionistas have already taken the plunge, going for it no matter what tomorrow may bring. In the end, it’s only hair, and it will grow back. Explore with lengths and textures and find your preference while enjoying a wild style.


Take Chances!

With quarantine becoming a thing of the past, you likely have a longing for freedom. So, why not do something you’ll remember and try out a trend that’s blowing up all over the world. You might be surprised how many style points you earn, catching attention and turning heads.

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