BYOW: The Beauty Solution That’s Breaking Molds

Ever read the label on the back of your shower products? If so, you’ve probably noticed that the first ingredient is almost always water. What you might not know is, according to research, a typical shampoo or shower gel is 95% water. That’s right. We are paying for only 5% of the product, the rest diluted down with the help of life’s most precious substance. Upon realizing this phenomenon, one beauty business broke the mold, creating products without any added water.

BYO Water Beauty

Because we all have access to water, beauty brainiacs thought, why not add it at home? Enter a whole new world of powdered products that blowing up the gram and stealing the hearts of eco-friendly fashionista. By cutting out the water adding in production, there is a long list of benefits for our planet earth like:

  • Less pollution
  • Less harmful emissions
  • Reduced need for packaging (see the issue here)

Of course, all of the green-friendliness of this new production method catches the attention of many, making it a trending topic that we’re likely to see very soon. Plus, with the world in DIY mode, it adds a fun flair to purchasing products.

The Future of BYO Water Products

There are already several companies jumping on the BYOW bandwagon. They not only realize the reduced costs but understand how it saves time figuring out complicated logistics. In an interview with Elle, Allon Libermann of cutting-edge Swedish beauty business FORGO explained, ‘We can send 20 refills of hand wash in the same volume as one bottle of soap,’ She also went on to boast about the company’s use of 90% recycled paper used in majority of their packaging.

Everything from soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and handwash are currently on the market, and the beauty industry expects to see more. Companies are getting creative with textures, packing products into tablet form or leaving them loose in powdered form. One issue looked at the consumer’s reluctance to buy, especially for the foreign appeal but, beauty innovators found a way to solve that. Keeping concentrations of products high and scents smelling nice and fresh, customers can enjoy the same sensations from using their favorite products as before, this time adding a bit of water to the mix.


Solving Tomorrow’s Issues Today

The beauty business is not the only industry expected to hop on board. With pollution and waste becoming a growing issue across the globe, other companies are sure to follow suit. Production of products that skip the water is beneficial for all and something that we can look forward to as we move into the future. Using your favorite products shouldn’t put a damper on your love for the planet, and now, it doesn’t have to.

As the world opens back up and travel starts again, BYO water products are sure to make a splash, traveling well, lasting long, and coming with the same results we all know and love. Long live sustainable beauty!

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