How to Set Makeup without Powder the Right Way

Even with the natural beauty that everyone has, every woman needs to own makeup. Without a doubt, there is power in cosmetics, and a great routine will boost the confidence of any woman making her face her day no matter how tough it is.

Moreover, everyone applies makeup, hoping it will last all day till when it’s bedtime. Even with tremendous and lasting products, you will need a good setting solution for extended wear. But which one is it?

Usually, many people use the setting powder, not knowing there is also a better option of a setting spray. While both will keep your makeup intact, they depend on your skin type. Even with the same roles, they are entirely different with the mode of application and what they do in particular.

So let’s learn how to set makeup using a setting spray.


Setting Spray

This is a liquid misted on the skin using a sprayer. A setting spray provides a softer and less visible texture contrary to the setting powder that absorbs oil from the skin.

For a complete, lasting makeup solution, a setting spray is ideal as it ensures the entire makeup is in place, that is, the mascara, face, and even lipstick. Remarkably, there is a variety that offers a matter finish while others give a dewy result.


Setting Spray on Different Skin Types

Different setting sprays work well with varying types of skin. For instance, dry skin has various setting sprays that will ensure it stays healthy and no complications afterward.

Humectant mists are perfect for dry skin because they attract and traps moisture in the skin. Some even have botanical oils that leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated for the longest time required. Still, some have light particles that provide a particular glow and radiance to the skin.

Conversely, oily and combination skin will need a setting spray that will best handle the skin condition. It would be best to look for those with Aloe Vera to soothe the skin, whereas Rosewater controls the oil. The perfect approach for oily skin would be to get a setting spray that mattes the skin and regulates the shine in all conditions, whether hot or cold. Also, coconut water is a perfect ingredient for combination skin, ensuring the skin stays moisturized.

How to Apply Setting Spray

  1. Large liquid droplets will ruin your makeup. Therefore, it would be best to give the setting spray a reasonable distance that is not too close nor too far and hold it about 14 inches from your face.
  2. Ensure your eyes are permanently closed and mist over your forehead and at the middle of your face.
  3. To ensure complete coverage of setting spray on your entire makeup, add two more jets on the sides of your face and a final one on your neck and chin. Well, keep your mouth closed as well.
  4. Allow it some time to dry, and you are ready to go and face your dry without any worries of touching up your makeup frequently.

A setting spray will always be a better option for setting makeup compared to the setting powder. Besides, it is fast and effortless to use.

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