How to Wear Grey Lipstick the Right Way

From the top influencers to the most fashionable cities, gray lipstick has hit the scene. While it sounds strange, it looks super stylish; but, only if you know how to wear it. Anyone can rock a gray lip, partaking in the trend and standing out in the crowd. If you have doubts, don’t worry, we got you, girl! Just follow our four fashionista-approved tips and strut your stuff as best as you can.


  1. Find your Tone

Just like a good red, everyone can rock a gray. The only thing is, you have to find your tone. Some skin tones look better with a dark gray, while others favor a light and bright shade. So, to start, play with different hues and textures to find the one that works best for you and your skin.


  1. Tame your Base

One of the golden rules of makeup is if you show out on the lips, tone the rest down. This rule stands for a gray lip as well. Go for a foundation that matches your skin to perfection and gives you the coverage that you want. For blush, go with a neutral color that is natural and soft. Pinks look amazing with gray, bringing out the blue hues. For eyes, a sleek eyeliner with a simple set of eyelashes will do, letting your lips grab all of the attention.


  1. Prep your Lips

Because gray is way different than your natural lip color, you’ll need to do a bit of covering. Because primer and lipstick can get clumpy, it’s best to prep your lips. Go for a lip scrub that will sluff off dead skin and leave lips smooth. Then, finish off with a moisturizing lip balm. Once you have prepped lips, add some foundation or concealer to a damp sponge and pat your lips, doing so to tone down the rosy tones of your lips. In prepping your lips, you’ll find that lipstick glides on, leaving a luscious and smooth color.


  1. Rock it Out!

Once you have your lipstick on, the last thing you need to do is rock it! When trying out new and bold lip trends, confidence is a must. Keep in mind that people will stare, but only because you’re doing something out of the ordinary. Most of those will be looks of awe and interest, turning heads with your trending style. Gray lips go great with lots of styles and colors, so don’t be afraid to rock your favorite clothes while sporting a gray lip.


Try Something New

Gray might sound like a strange lip color but, you’d be surprised at the wonders it does for the face. It will add instant style and edge to any look, making you stand out in the crowd. So, try something new and spice up your style with a gray lip. You’ll have a trendy look that’s easy to manage and simple to pair with your favorite wardrobe pieces.


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